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GIANT TIGER: Unreleased EP Download!

July 25, 2011

Giant Tiger was a local Chattanooga band who still sit near and dear to our hearts. The band ended over 2 years ago, somewhere around their last show in June 2009. During their short career as Giant Tiger, the band had recorded some great music and performed one of the best live shows at the time. Their only release, the 7-song EP ‘Me. We,’ printed on pink 10″ vinyl, still rocks our stereo on a monthly basis…

But right before their break up, Giant Tiger were in the process of releasing a 4-song EP titled ‘Feelin Weird,’ that was mixed, mastered and ready to go. Other than a song uploaded to their myspace page, this EP has never seen the light of day… UNTIL NOW!

For a limited time and exclusively from The South Rail, stream/download the 4-song EP, ‘Feelin’ Weird’ below, courtesy of Young Monster/Giant Tiger:

Giant Tiger: ‘Feelin Weird’ EP by thesouthrail

We know, it’s such a tease to hear killer tunes you can’t see preformed live anymore, but since the break-up, Giant Tiger can now be seen in different forms: Posters/Clothing/Record Label Young Monster and bands: Fastboys, Tony Wayne and the Chain, Black Painter, Mocknbird, Night of the Wolf, The Bohannons…

Long live the music of Giant Tiger, one of our favorite bands: