November 14, 2011

Dear, The Black Faces… You’re our new favorite!… No, seriously!

We were at Nashville’s Third Man Records Friday (11/11/11) for the The Black Belles‘ record release party, celebrating their debut, self-titled LP. Opening for them was The Black Faces, a band we heard about this summer, but never had a chance to listen. At the time of this article, there are no videos or samples of their music available online, and Friday night was the first time the band performed as a 3-piece… But the 3-piece part is what had our jaws dropped…

The band consists of Ben Swank of Detroit’s The Soledad Brothers (and Jack White’s right-hand-man at Third Man Records) on drums, Chetley “Cheetah” Weise of Immortal Lee County Killers and Silver Lion’s 20/20 on vocals/guitar, and Jemina Pearl of Be Your Own Pet on vocals/guitar…. A big line-up that we hope get into big things for 2012!… Since there’s not any samples of The Black Faces, not even a website or Facebook page, we’re just gonna give you a ‘best-of’ of all the members previous work (see below) because their new material is just a great continuation of what each member does best, gritty punk/rock/blues goodness!.. There was some press photographers there, so we’re sure some photos will surface soon… we’ll keep you updated:

And by-the-way… for the record: The Black Belles are a fantastic live band you MUST see soon! Gimmicks aside, their debut album kills and their live show is legit. We can’t wait to see them again, especially with a better crowd! A crowd who is there to see THEM and not just standing around simply purchase a limited-edition LP and sell it on eBay… Their self-titled debut is available NOW! Pick up a copy HERE