Ranch Ghost: Lookin’

November 21, 2011

Last week, a new track from Nashville’s Ranch Ghost emerged on SoundCloud and slowly creeped its way around the internets. We recently spoke with the band who said “That was literally the first time we had played that song beginning to end.” And believe it or not, it was recorded in one take using an iPhone! Pretty awesome, check it out:

Lookin’ by Ranch Ghost

As we reported in September, the band was at Battle Tapes Recordings this summer… Well, we should be getting us our first taste from those sessions in early 2012! “The Battle Tapes stuff should be coming out early next year as a three or four song 45. An LP will hopefully be in the works soon after that.”… Lookin’ forward to it fellas! Until then, the band made a video for one of their newer songs, ‘Won’t Bother Me.’ This should hold us over till next year: