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Memetic Society: ‘Tennessthesia’

November 22, 2011

With the help of a CreateHere MakeWork grant, the Chattanooga founded record label Memetic Society are about to drop a new project entitled ‘Tennessthesia,’ a compilation of music that was inspired by Synesthesia consisting of 11 7-inch vinyls, each recorded from 11 different, unsigned Tennessee-based bands, ranging from all the major cities: Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis and here in Chattanooga…“Tennessee shapes the sound, and the sound shapes Tennessee.” Read the full mission statement HERE.

Memetic Society will have a Showcase at Chattanooga’s MainX24 event Saturday December 3rd. 45’s will be sold separately for $8 each and/or 11 vinyl sets for $80. The double disc CD version of the set will also be available for $15… Memetic Society’s e-store will be up Tuesday December 6th for on-line purchases as well as physical purchases at Chattanooga’s Leo Handmade Gallery and Boutique.

The line-up includes: Forest Magic, Majestico, Fly Golden Eagle, Moonlight Bride, The Distribution, Scandaliz Vandalistz, Faux Ferocious, Nite Nite, Square People, The Oscars, and Burning Itch… And for the first time, stream every song from this project all at one place before the compilation drops next weekend! Enjoy both discs from the CD set… Disc A features all the A-sides from the 7-inches, Disc B, well, you got it, The B-sides… Great stuff guys, well done:

Tennesthesia – Disc A by memeticsociety

Tennesthesia – Disc B by memeticsociety