GET TO KNOW: Summer Twins

April 5, 2012

It is already feeling like Summer down South, which not only prematurely starts the rise of our pollen count and the breeding of mosquitos, but starts our quest for the perfect soundtrack to Summer. Oh course we have our trusty stands-bys: A dash of Little Joy, a side of Devendra Banhart and you can’t forget Tennis’s debut LP — all Summer essential albums… but what is another season without adding a couple more LPs to that ever-growing list?

After digging into Summer Twins‘ self-titled LP, we are officially proclaiming our first new Summer jam… I guess there is no hiding behind the name and it helps to be from California, but this LP just screaming beach-time classic. A nice blend of Tennis meets Best Coast, take a listen for yourself and stream the full LP below:

Unfortunately this album is sold out in vinyl and cassette tape format. We were lucky enough to score a vinyl earlier this year, but if MP3s are alright with you, download the LP HERE