Getting Local w/ Moonlight Bride & Machines Are People Too

July 11, 2012

Chattanooga locals Moonlight Bride and Machines Are People Too have both separately released some pretty tight EPs the past week. The albums are on each band’s Bandcamp page and are available for free download for a limited time:

Moonlight Bride’s latest is a 6-song EP of remixes from their February 2012 release Twin Lakes. The EP features tracks by Summer Dregs, Machines Are People Too and a killer remix of the Twin Lakes’ single ‘Lemonade’ by Los Campesinos! Stream the album below and if ya dig, download it HERE for the low cost of your email address:


Machines Are People Too’s latest is called ‘Dreams’ and is the band’s first official studio release. The EP includes 5 original tracks produced by Lars Stalfors (The Mars Volta, Matt & Kim). A great independent effort from one of the hardest touring bands in town. Stream the EP below, and again, if ‘yer diggin’ it, download it HERE for FREE: