Seth Pettersen & The Undertow: ‘Natural Machine’

September 27, 2012

Seth Pettersen & The Undertow are a band from Los Angeles, CA, who just dropped their new LP, ‘Natural Machine,’ in physical form via Burger Records, pressed and numbered on 250 cassettes… We say “physical” because the album was self released back in July as a Bandcamp MP3 download only.

At first glance, the album’s cover features frontman Seth holding a surfboard backdropped with palm trees, taking us into the mindset of surf and Summer. Then at first listen, we weren’t deceived,  receiving that Calafornia Summer vibe we expected with a nice mix of phychedilics and classic folk rock. Great album, not just for the beach or Summer, but for anytime.

Now, give the LP some justice and press this sucker on wax!.. Stream the full ‘Natural Machine’ album below and if you dig what-cha hear (and you don’t mind cassettes), pick-up the new tape HERE… Oh, and download the single ‘Breaking Points’ for FREE (below the LP steam):