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TSR EXCLUSIVE: Stream Moonlight Bride’s NEW EP ‘Dead Language’

November 26, 2012

The Chattanooga 4-piece Moonlight Bride are one of our favorite local bands. With that said, we were honored when the band asked us to premiere their latest release, ‘Dead Language,’ a week before the official release date!

The new 5-song EP is dropping December 4th, and is holding us over as the band finishes up their full-length record that will be out later next year (2013). As frontman Justin Giles explains, “It’s a group of songs we recorded and always liked, but just didn’t seem to fit with the material that we’ve been putting together for the new album.”

In detail about the EP, Giles continues, “Our generation is obsessed with the flash and flare of some pawn dancing around and pressing a couple of buttons and calling it electronic or dub-step. ‘Dead Language’ is anti that.”

Stream ‘Dead Language’ in its entirety below and download your copy via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Rhapsody Tuesday, December 4th: